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Spoil Mom with Lobster Tails and a great Bubbly!

Spoil Mom with Lobster Tails and a great Bubbly!

When shopping for lobster, compare deals by the ounce (i.e., 3 oz. tail, 5 oz. tail, etc). The best deal I found this week is at Sprouts Market ( They are offering Wild Large Lobster Tails (5 oz.) for $5.99 (= $1.20 per oz). In comparison, Albertsons is advertising a 3 oz. lobster tail for $4.99 (= $1.66 per oz).

Here’s a link for 5 easy ways to cook:

To pair, I highly suggest Rondel’s Brut Cava for only $7.99. It’s a hidden gem (Wine & Spirits – 90 points) that can be found at your local Total Wine store. (


Oh, the Sweetness of Sweet Corn Season!

Oh, the Sweetness of Sweet Corn Season!

Fresh sweet corn is now in season – yum! I found the best deals at Vons / Pavilions “Real Big Deals” (4 for $1 Club Price, or 25 cents each). Both specials start tomorrow and run for one week (Wednesday, May 13th – Tuesday, May 19th).

My mom’s corn salad recipe still sets the bar for all others to beat – it’s also great as a dip, with tortilla chips:

“Big Helen’s Grilled Corn Salad”

  • 4 ears of grilled corn (cut the corn from the cob with a knife)
  • dice one fresh tomato (preferably a heirloom variety, but any will do)
  • dice one red onion
  • dice one bunch of cilantro
  • finely dice one jalapeno (for extra-spicy)
  • add one can of drained black beans
  • squeeze one fresh lime

Add all the ingredients into a bowl and gently toss. Add salt and pepper to taste. This is one of those recipes that tastes even better the longer it marinates.